Sheehan at Hopscotch Reading Room Berlin

With the non-fiction publication of The Life of Stuff in the anthology Strange Attractors: Lives Changed by Chance, Heather Sheehan and editor Edie Meidav will be among those invited to read on June 28, 2019 at the Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin, Germany.

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Self-portrait Photography & Performance

As the seismograph registers the stirrings of the earth’s core, Heather Sheehan’s body registers stirrings of human experience imbedded in historic buildings. Hovering at the crossing point of architectural and human memory, she attends to the individual mythologies of place.

During her 2015 solo exhibition in K.V. Augsburg, the New York born artist climbed the staircase of one of Augsburg’s renowned medieval addresses. On the landing, a row of Marionettes hung from their crosses. There, she positioned her camera and loaned her body out to the ghost of a female houseworker. For the premeire presention of the resulting self-portrait series, Marionette’s Landing, Sheehan returns to Augsburg to give a performance. With medium-format camera, she shoots herself before a live audience. Sheehan plays both the role of the artist and of the ghost. She objectifies herself, inviting us to explore the space between the self and the other.
Claudia Weil Galerie II
Bergstr. 11
22.11.2018 - 13.01.2019

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Kunst zum Leben erwecken: Heather Sheehan im Paul-Cremen-Museum der Universität Bonn

Feuilleton Titelbild, Bonn General-Anzeiger, Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017

Heather Sheehan goes institutional at Paul-Clemen-Museum

A solo exhibition of Sheehan's self portrait photography shot at the Institute of Art History at Bonn University opens on 23 October with a live performance at 6:30 pm. A public talk with the artist and Prof. Anne.Marie Bonnet will be held on 15 November, 2017 at 7:00 pm.


The tables are stacked high in the attic of Schloss Plüschow - Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus, for Heather Sheehan's durational sewing performance during the exhibition Ressource Kunst,
opening on September 30th, 2017.
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